regularisation of unapproved plots in tamilnadu

All about Regularisation of Unapproved Plots in Tamilnadu


By now, you would have read about the Notification on Regularisation of Unapproved Plots in Tamilnadu by the Madras High Court.

To remove some confusion that has happened since September 2016 (when the HC issued a blanket ban on registration for all unauthorized layout plots and farmland that were converted illegally to residential plots), we at Chennai Dream Homes™ aim to give you the gist of the information you need to know, if you are an existing plot owner looking to regularise your property as soon as possible, under this new order.

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Important Note: Though we have made every effort to include this info from credible news sources, Chennai Dream Homes cannot be held liable for the veracity of this information and also cannot assist you in actual registering of your plots. We urge you to visit your local corporation office to pay the fees and register your plots directly with the authorities. We are only disseminating information.

5 Things to Know about Regularisation of Unapproved Plots in Tamilnadu Order

regularisation of unapproved plots in tamilnadu

(Source: Deccan Chronicle)

1. Why?

To protect innocent citizens who have purchased such unauthorized plots, the TN state government had passed an order on May 4th 2017, notifying rules for Regularisation of Unapproved Plots in Tamilnadu, that were sold and registered before 20th October 2016, for a penal fee and higher development charges.

This means that owners of such unapproved plots and layouts that were registered before 20th October 2016 can heave a sigh of relief, as they are not only given a chance to rectify mistakes, but also benefit from basic infrastructure facilities. The deadline for this official process is Nov 3rd 2017.

2. What?

The newly notified Tamilnadu Regularization and Unapproved Layout and Plot Rules 2017, requires both land owners and layout promoters to apply for regularization of their unapproved plots.

If they fail to apply, their properties will be denied basic infrastructure facilities such as – power, water supply, sewerage and drainage. This rule now exempts such unapproved plots and layouts from the purview of the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971.

3. How?

All individual plot owners of unapproved layouts and layout promoters now need to submit a sketch of the layout to apply for regularization of their plots online on, to the competent authority concerned within 6 months of this order, along with necessary fees and charges mentioned in the application. Owners of such unapproved plots or layouts can now create an account easily on the portal and register to submit their applications online before Nov 3rd 2017 (deadline). All details including the penalty fees are available on the site. (Source: Times of India)

If the competent authority gives in-principle approval of the layout, it will process applications and pass the regularization order online.

4. Charges

Charges for development, regularization and OSR for such Regularisation of Unapproved Plots in Tamilnadu vary by municipal area. For example, a 1000 Sq-Ft unauthorized (but eligible) plot in a municipal area can now be regularized by paying a sum of approx. Rs. 41,000.

Applicants also need to pay 3% of the plot’s market value as land conversion charges from agricultural to residential. Development charges are extra.

5. Ineligible Plots

But this rule excludes unathorized plots and layouts in government poramboke land, water bodies and OSR areas, and hence such plots cannot be regularized.

Sources: 99acres and Deccan Chronicle. We have updated this post as much as possible as of July 2017. From now, you should approach the local corporation office directly on proceeding with this matter.

Please Note: Property owners need to apply in person for registration/approvals. As Real Estate Agents / Property Consultants, we cannot assist you in the actual registration, and don’t accept any fees for the same.

Note: You can sell your plot only if it is CMDA or DTCP approved. If it is Panchayat approved, you cannot sell it now unless you first regularize it.

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  1. Raman

    our agricultural land and neighboring land owners totaling about 2.43 acres submitted layout sketch as plots and roads to the commissioner,trichy municipal corporation in the year 2010.Two land owners handed over roads coming in this layout to the corporation by gift deed documents.roads shown in our land is not yet handed over.As such corporation issued regularisation order and according to this order,@the rate of Rs.26/-per sq.ft Road development charges,@Rs12/-per sq.ft.general ulility chargers and @Rs.20/- as regularisation fee each plot owners need to pay and obtain NOC from corporation.
    Based on this order can we hand over roads to the corporation earmarked in the layout and sell the plots duly instructing the plot buyers to approach corporation and pay the regularisation fee as prescribed by now by the government or we the land owners have to pay the regularisation fee?

    • Dear Mr. Raman,
      Unfortunately, we are not the best experts to comment on your plot regularisation matters in Trichy, as we operate only in certain areas of Chennai. Fees to be paid to the concerned authorities is the only way to get regularised plots after the recent court order. You will have to approach them asap in this matter.

  2. Krish

    I’m planning to buy a piece of land on rural area which is under control of panjayat area,is it legal to go for registration or I have to get permission from government authorities.

    • Dear Krish, thanks for your comment. I have given you a detailed answer on email. Hope it helps – please call for any clarifications.

  3. navin

    Very informative. My plot- i have registered and sale deed done in 2015 in ambattur SRO. It is mentioned as Housing plot(Vettu Manai) in my EC and TNREGINET site. When i was browsing the CMDA plan my survey number falls under Redhills catchment area. Area is fully surrounded by residentials. Can this be regularized? I heard regularization can be done through online, information on links will be helpful. Thanks in advance- Kumar.

    • Hi Kumar, Thanks for your comment. As your property falls outside of our service areas in Chennai, I would not be able to help you. Would suggest you to get in touch with authorities directly on the registration process. We are here to help with suggestions for getting approval status for unapproved plots or houses only if it is in our area of operations in Chennai – ECR, OMR and city areas. Email us separately with your queries on individual property details and we can try to help you.

  4. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.

  5. joe

    I am having a house plot of 2500 sqft in a residential area of Municipality.Is it also requires approval by paying all these fee

    • Hi Joe, Thanks for your comment. Yes, if it hasn’t got approval yet, then you have to apply for approval even if it is in a residential, municipal area.

  6. Vijay Praveen

    I, Vijay have a site in Coimbatore registered by the Panchayat. Should I get a DTCP approval, only then can I be able to sell this site? Or with just a panchayat registration, will I be able to sell the site? Please give me details how it is done as well as what the Government orders are at the moment. Thankyou in advance

    • Hi Vijay, Thanks for your comment. As your property falls outside of our service areas in Chennai, I would not be able to help you. Would suggest you to get in touch with authorities directly on the registration process once the final order comes out in June. We are here to help with suggestions for getting approval status for unapproved plots or houses only if it is in our area of operations in Chennai – ECR, OMR and city areas. The post has also been updated.

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