3 BHK Furnished Apartment for Expat Rent in ECR

र 1.50 lakhs/month*


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Looking for a 3 BHK House for Rent in Chennai? This Huge Gated Luxury Apartment is available for Expat Rent in a posh area of the ECR with tight security in Chennai.

Fully Furnished with AC/s and all White Goods!

  • 2,560 Sq-Ft of built up area
  • 3 BHK Luxurious Pool facing Apartment
  • Master, Guest and Kid’s bedrooms
  • Inside a secure, gated community of expats in ECR
  • In posh surroundings, close to Thiruvanmiyur and city
  • Top class amenities – Swimming Pool + Shower rooms, Gym, Kid’s play area
  • 100% power back up
  • Air conditioned home with all white goods
  • 2 Covered car parks
  • Heavy security
  • Ready to occupy!
  • Rent: Rs 1.5 lakhs/month*

* Only for Expats. Approximate Price only. Subject to change anytime. 1 month’s Rental Brokerage payable on rent transaction. Read more on Pricing.

Property Details

  • Status
    Ready to occupy for Expats!

Virtual Tour Walkthrough & Video